casino Royal memory card


Casino Cards Memory is a Puzzle game Match all identical cards before time runs out

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casino Royal memory card The classic card game Cassino also known as Casino. The rules are simple, but the game is anything but simple. This is a great card game for both children and adults. Try the Daily-5 where you compete daily against all players where they are all dealt the exact same cards. Each player starts the game with four cards and four on the table. Players may capture one or more matching cards or combinations of cards that add up to the same rank. You can build on to combinations on the table making one or more groups that match a card in your hand. Cards are dealt four at a time until their are no more in the deck. The last player to capture a card takes the remaining cards on the table. Scoring: 2 - Big Cassino (10-diamonds) 1 - Little Cassino (2-spades) 1 - Each Ace 3 - Most cards captured 1 - Most spades captured 1 - For each Sweep (when a capture takes all of the cards on the board) Play single games or play a multiple-game match where the first player to score 21 points wins.

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